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About HKBO

The original idea to setup a Blind Orchestra in Hong Kong was shared by Mr. Timothy Wing Ching To, the founder and music director of HKBO as well as the Executive Director of Orchestre de Joie and Post Crisis Counseling Network, who experienced a shocked and unbelievable news about his friend Mr. Johnny Chang suddenly became a blind person when he was almost 40 years old. Tim tried to understand how to help the visually impaired person in order to empower their life to become more valuable so finally he spent a lot of efforts to established HKBO on 4 October 2016.

The Hong Kong Blind Orchestra is the 5th Blind Orchestra in the world followed by the Korea, Japan, Egypt and Thailand as well. HKBO and it's students are fully supported by the Orchestra de Joie Ltd. & the Ebenezer School for Visually Impaired including the very strong technical supported by HKBO's consultant, the Incheon Hyegwang Blind Orchestra in Korea. HKBO aims to build a path for the visually impaired and we believe they can play better music as well.

"Empower them to perform great music and valuable life" Timothy To - Music Director

Hong Kong Blind Orchestra